Percussion Play Bell Lyre

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Designed for children ages 2 to 12 years and Adults, Hypnotic and artistic, the Bell Lyre is a unique outdoor instrument composed of eight graduated stainless-steel bells, shaped to resemble a gorgeous, contemporary lyre. Intuitive to play for all ages and ability levels, the cups resonate when struck with the attached beaters. This is a beautiful addition to any park, green space, pier, or outdoor urban area. The bells’ sustained echoes create a peaceful sound. Cups range in diameter from 100mm to 290mm, with each one featuring a distinctive sound. On top, the bells emit bright and gentle music. And further down, they become sonorous and gong-like, with deep, calming tones. A single-post installation is quick and straightforward. And passerby will immediately feel invested in their environment. Install it in a garden or on a trail and create an interactive art installation that soothes and enthralls listeners.

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2 to 12 years and Adults

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In-ground, Surface