NatureROCKS Sierra Nevada Netted Boulders



The Sierra Nevada Netted Boulders includes two rust sandstone colored NatureROCKS boulders (one large and one medium) with a cargo climber net connecting them, offering several unique climbing challenges for kids. The net is tall enough that kids can hang on the side of it and inch their way across, and it has spaces large enough that kids can easily fit through them to get to the other side. The net is made from extremely strong coated steel and synthetic fiber ropes. The rocks are eight feet tall, with a rust sandstone color scheme which makes any outdoor space look like an arid desert or gorge, without the oppressive heat. Kids can have imaginary adventures on the Sierra Nevada Netted Boulders all year round. The highly realistic outcroppings are made from glass fiber reinforced concrete which is made to retain its natural appearance even after years of use by young climbers, as well as all types of weather conditions.

Additional information

Age Range

5 to 12 years

Child Capacity


Safety Zone

20' x 30'



Model Number