9 Foot Spiral Tube Slide – Slide and Mounts Only



Enliven a stuffy, predictable environment by installing this 9-foot Spiral Tube Slide, a zanily curving amusement that is suitable to attach to any upper story floor, regardless of whether it’s an indoors, outdoors, or inside-to-outside scenario. This slide works as either a fun finishing touch to an inventive interior design or as a new playground piece being attached to an existing structure. As perfect for a museum or shopping center as it is for a private residence, the loopy, vertical shape of the slide helps customers conserve space while also evoking the goofiest childhood daydreams of future riders. The commercial-grade slide is built of resilient stainless steel and stout rotationally molded plastic and meets all ASTM safety standards. This slide is purchasable either in the exciting tone depicted or in one of a multitude of alternate shades. And for those customers who’d prefer an entirely see-through experience, a fully transparent tube is also an option.


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