7 Foot Deck Height Spiral Tube Slide – Slide and Supports Only



This spiral tube slide is 30 inches in diameter, and is sized for 7-foot deck heights. Spiral slide is 72 inches from top to bottom. Spiral slide is fully enclosed, and comes only with supports to allow for integration into decks, gyms, office play areas, and indoor or outdoor installations. Made from rotationally molded plastic for a smooth finish. Slide is available in one of nine gloss colors. Galvanized supports are available in 21 different color options, including those with 30% gloss and 90% gloss, depending on your color choices. Metal supports include coating technology to provide enhanced protection from ultraviolet rays when requested. Coating is applied prior to the polyester powder coating to provide enhanced protection against corrosion and damage resulting from exposure to the elements and harsh playing conditions. Slide and supports feature heavy-duty construction, making them ideal for custom commercial projects. The variety of colors and commercial construction allows for integration into current color themes at homes, parks, schools, and more.

Additional information

Age Group:

2 to 12 years