13 Foot Spiral Tube Slide – Slide and Mounts Only


The 13-Foot Spiral Tube Slide – Slide and Mounts Only is a bold and striking unit that will add a bit of spice to an elevated platform. This 360-degree slide is perfect for playgrounds, private residences, indoor play areas, or even museums! It will be a fun, twisting addition to your current play area. It is fabricated with rotationally molded plastic to establish sturdy, durable construction. The unit is commercially graded, so you can be sure that this unit will last for a long time both indoors and outdoors. Five steel support posts throughout the entirety of the structure fortify the unit to the ground and prevent unnecessary oscillation when sliding. Unleash your creative side and select from an array of colors to customize both the slide and the support posts to your liking. A clear plastic color option allows adults to keep an eye on kids as they glide down while also creating a unique design. Contact us for additional options.

Additional information

Age Range

2 – 12 years

Child Capacity



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