10 Foot Deck Height Spiral Tube Slide – Slide and Supports Only


This is an enclosed spiral slide that is 30 inches in diameter. Slide features three twists going in your choice of counter clockwise or clockwise rotation, depending on the requirements of your design. This slide is designed for commercial installations with a deck height of ten feet. Each slide is available in a wide range of color combinations with different options available for the rotomolded slide and galvanized steel supports. Color options are designed to provide superior protection against fading due to exposure to the sun, as well as damages that may occur during normal use. When you choose these slides, you are choosing playground equipment that is designed to stand up to heavy-duty use, while retaining its bold, shiny colors. This slide includes only the supports to allow for complete customization of decks, indoor and outdoor setups, office spaces, and other commercially designed playgrounds.

Additional information

Age Group:

2 to 12 years