Playground Equipment Professionals professionalism is beyond compare. The price and installation time was lower and faster than all of the big box stores. Their workers took great pride in making sure that I was pleased with their work. I highly recommend this company to all of my friends and associates!

Cal Thompson (Thompson Holdings)

Thank You so much for the contribution to our 2012 graduates! The renovation of the playground area turned out great and the kids are loving it!

Lisa Fuehner (Confluence Academy)

I wanted to personally add my expression of thanks and appreciation for your generous assistance in restoring our school playground for the children of St. John. May the lord bless your business and those you love for all you do to bring safety and joy into the lives of children.

Pastor Jim (St. John’s School)

I have maintained several playgrounds for Jefferson County Headstarts for many years. Charley is without a doubt the most knowledgable expert on commercial playground equipment and poured rubber surfacing. I highly recommend St. Louis Commercial Playgrounds.

Skip Lormis


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