Shipping Basics

We coordinate the shipping of playground equipment with destinations all around the world. Our global presence provides Playground Professionals customer service representatives the task of handling a variety of situations on a regular basis. Freight services are an integral part of our operations.

Quick Ship Structures

  • We keep 29 of our most popular structure designs in-stock.
  • We offer all 29 structures in two contrasting color palettes: Neutral or Primary. Any other colors are considered custom.
  • Quick Ship structures generally ship within 1-2 weeks.

Custom Structures

  • Custom Structures are any structures not offered Quick Ship.
  • These structures are manufactured to customer specifications regarding color palette and aspects of play.
  • Custom Structures generally ship within 6-8 weeks.

What to Look For

Before your order arrives we suggest taking a minute to read over this important information regarding what to look for when you receive your freight shipment:

What to Expect

  • A large open-air crate full of lots of parts & pieces of equipment.
  • Team lift unload: have 2-3 able bodied people ready to help!
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to unload and propery store the order.
  • If you chose professional installation, please see our installation guide.

Before Driver Departs

  • Check shipping sticker to ensure that you have received the correct order!
  • Inspect for damage: broken crate, dents, scrapes, scratches, torn package etc.
  • Photograph the crate from all angles, photograph any damage.

Once Driver Departs

  • Report any damage noted on freight delivery receipt to us IMMEDIATELY!
  • Report any missing pieces or discrepancies to us within 72 hrs of delivery.
  • Failure to report damage/missing pieces may result in denial of claim.
  • Check the contents of your crate against the packing list provided.

Shipping Policies

General Shipping Policy Information

  • The carrier will contact you within 24 hours of freight delivery.
  • Failure to report any and all damage, and missing parts to will result in your freight claim being denied, and loss of your ability to receive replacement parts at no additonal cost.
  • If you find a concealed damage problem all original packaging must be kept for inspection by the Freight Carrier.
  • reserves the right to select the most cost effective method of transportation and carrier for shipping the products and charge the customer for freight in addition to the cost of products.

It Is The Customer’s Responsibility To:

  • Unload the order and store it properly unless prior agreement exists.
  • Count the contents of the order, compare it to freight line & bill of lading before signing receipt.
  • Inspect the delivery for any obvious signs of damage and for signs of potential concealed damage.
  • Mark any damage found, including damage to packaging that may result in concealed damage, on the delivery receipt before the driver departs.
  • Report any damage or missing parts to us within 48 hours of receipt of delivery.
  • Cover any additional fees stemming from delivery delay at customer fault.