Wheelchair Scaling Ladder


As the name implies, Sii has carefully and thoughtfully designed this Wheelchair Scaling Ladder to be used by individuals in wheelchairs either permanently or temporarily. Operating a wheelchair takes a great deal of upper body strength. Not to mention, many people in one still want to be able to work out the top half of their body to tone and build muscle. This piece of equipment stands 4-feet-6-inches high so it is the perfect height. There are welded rungs that allow users to pull themselves up while nine overhead bars offer plenty of exercise opportunity. The system boasts a painted metal surface and requires concrete mounting for stability. The powder-coat paint is available in many colors, so you can order one to match other equipment you may already have.

Additional information

Age Group:

5 to 12 years


3' long x 10' wide x 4' 6" high

Use Zone:

15' x 22'