Wheelchair Accessible Merry Go Round


Merry-go-rounds are instantly recognizable on any playground, and the One Capacity Wheelchair Accessible Merry Go Round is no exception. Unlike typical merry-go-rounds, which feature multiple, individual handrails for children to grip onto, this classic spinner features a single guardrail that’s partially enclosed, making this piece of equipment equal parts safe and fun for all children, regardless of physical ability. Kids will have hours of fun spinning around and watching the world woosh by, while parents can rest easy knowing their child is on a safe piece of playground equipment. The One Capacity Wheelchair Accessible Merry Go Round can be customized with multiple different colors, which can help it fit into any existing playground with ease. Additionally, this merry-go-round is made from galvanized steel, among other durable materials, which will help it remain a staple of your playground for years to come. Add the One Capacity Wheelchair Accessible Merry Go Round to your playground to facilitate fun, safe physical activity for all children on your playground ages 2-12. This accessible equipment is compatible with unitary safety surfacing only.

Additional information

Age Range

5 – 12 years

Child Capacity


Safety Zone

20' L x 20' W


Purple and White, Red and Yellow, Tan and Green