Wellington Bench without Back

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The backless Wellington Bench by Jayhawk Plastics has an unconventional but functional design that is unlike that of any other bench. Almost the entire structure is made from elegantly curved pieces of steel, eliminating nearly every sharp edge and corner. Its two ends are heavy-duty cast aluminum rings that look as though they are perfectly balanced atop its half-circular legs. Similar to the standard Wellington Bench, its seat is made from 28 curving steel straps. However, instead of forming the back, they curve downwards like they do in the front, making this bench symmetrical from the front to back as well as from left to right. Interestingly, this means that there is no designated ‘front’ or ‘back’, and people can just as easily sit facing either direction. This doubles the capacity of the bench, and makes it accessible from either side. Despite its unusual appearance, its short height and understated coating of weatherproof paint make it very unobtrusive. It adds functionality and convenience to a beautiful area without being visually distracting.

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Black, Green