Value Arch Post Swing


Whether you simply want to add swings to a small daycare or if you have a busy playground that never seems to have enough swings available, this 8-feet high Value Arch Post Swing by SportsPlay is ideal to add to any area. It is available to order with one, two, three or four bays, offering seating configurations of two, four, six or eight. This is definitely a system that can be personalized to your exact needs. It does come standard as blue, but for a slight surcharge, it can be painted a different color. This is ideal if you are trying to match other equipment you already have. The pipe used for the rail and arch has diameter of 3.5 inches, and before being powder-coated, it is galvanized first to prevent rusting. If you do not need chains and seats, you can order without these elements too.

Additional information

Age Group

2 to 12 years


1 Bay (32' x 24'); 2 Bays (32' x 35'); 3 Bays (32' x 46'); 4 Bays (32' x 56'); Measurement using Standard Belt Seats (changing seat type can change the required space)

Use Zone

32' 0" x 24' 0"


5-6 weeks

Ship Freight

This is packaged too large for UPS, FedEx, or USPS. A freight trailer is up to 53 feet long. Unload by hand with 2 – 3 people. Contact us for details.