Ultra GeoDome Climber



The Ultra GeoDome Climber is an American classic, providing kids with the chance to climb up the frame, which is commonly known as monkey bars. This frame is a half sphere in shape, and is the perfect, classic addition to any outdoor playground with a soft ground. Unlike most Geo Domes, this unit includes a large opening for easy access to the interior of the climber. The whole apparatus is constructed with galvanized steel tubing, and offers multi-color connectors that are capable of withstanding plenty of weight, for the use of many children at any one time. Safety surfacing is obviously necessary, and this equipment can easily mount straight into the ground for sturdiness and durability. There is a 20-feet use zone (diameter) and the whole framing is 3-feet 6-inches high, and has a diameter of 7-feet 6-inches, making it perfect for the use of many children at any one time.

Additional information

Age Range

5 to 12 years

Safety Zone

19' 6" diameter circle

Model Number