Tysons Corner


Fun seems to branch out at every side of the Tysons Corner play structure. A hexagonal elevated platform makes up the center of this play structure, two of the sides are bordered by a gear panel and a drum panel, one side is bordered by stairs that give access to the structure, one side by an overhead swinging rung ladder that also gives access to the structure, and two sides with stairs that lead to other elevated platforms. One of the other elevated platforms is triangular and is accessible by an inverted arch climber and has a wave slide attached to it. The other elevated platform is square and has a vertical ladder and straight slide attached to it. A craggy rock climber also attaches itself to the Tysons Corner play structure, and a ship’s wheel, rain wheel, single drum, and bongos make it ADA compliant. This play structure is designed for children between the ages of 5 and 12 years old.