Turbo Turtle


Children will be in turbo as they rush to the Turbo Turtle structure during play time. The structure has two Double Slides as well as a Single Slide, so kids will never have to wait in line no matter how crowded the playground gets. Those slides can be accessed in many ways, including a Jungle Climber, a Spiral Climber and a Transfer Station. Before going down, children can enjoy a Ball Maze, Plinko and Gear Panels at different locations on Turbo Turtle. A Tube Bridge connects the two parts of Turbo Turtle together and has a bubble window to let in light and provide a nice place for kids to poke their heads up and look around. On the ground, a ship’s wheel and double drum will also encourage children to use their imagination. There is even a built-in bench which gives kids a place to sit and talk to each other when they need a moment to rest. Installation services are available in most areas.