Triple Station Chin-Up Bars


Chin-ups are renowned as one of the most challenging, yet efficient, exercises for improving muscles in the arms, chest, and abdomen. With the Triple Station Chin-Up Bars, you and visitors to your fitness area will have an optimized and convenient place to do them. This station has three sets of bars, allowing up to three people to use them at once, which prevents any inconvenience from people having to wait for it to become available. Rather than simple straight metal bars, these chin-up stations resemble the handle bars of a bike. They have padded, ergonomic hand grips which are comfortable to use, even when being tightly gripped during rigorous exercise. These also clearly demonstrate where users should place their hands, and prevents it from being used improperly.  Each of the stations are set at different heights, to make them reachable and accessible to all users.

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Age Range

13 years +

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Triple Station



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