Triple Hump Bike Rack for 7 Bikes

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This Triple Hump Bike Rack for Seven Bikes is a great structure for allowing up to seven bikes to be safely and securely parked. Its simple and recognizable structure makes it easy for cyclists to simply fasten their bike to it using any common variety of bike locking device. It is great for locations that anticipate a medium amount of bike traffic. This structure will help attract cyclists to your location, encouraging more visitors to your area, as well as encouraging people to use bicycles for transportation, which has great health benefits. It is made from highly durable steel piping, which is given a protective layer of zinc to guard it against rust and corrosion from rain water. The thick pipes are also resistant to damage from vandals or bike thieves, since they have a large outer diameter, with your choice of either 1.90 or 2-3/8“ pipes.

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