Triple Chin-Up Bars


Designed for Adult, Lead with your chin and get on the path to stronger, more toned muscles today with the Triple Chin-Up Bars! These bars are great for people who want to work on strengthening their back and arm muscles. Up to three people can use this piece of fitness equipment at a time. As they do chin-ups, they will be working their biceps brachii, latissimus dorsi, and teres major muscles. These muscles are important in the movement of the arm, as well as everyday activities such as lifting items. This piece of fitness equipment is designed so that up to three people can use it at once. The frame is made with a galvanized steel tube, and it comes with stainless steel hardware. It is made from commercial grade material and has a tough powder coated finish that provides maximum durability. This will ensure that the Triple Chin-up Bars will last for years of outdoor use.

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7' 9"



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