Tree Climber


The Tree Climber is a classic piece of playground equipment. It is a set of 5 tri-shaped metal structures that are set in an alternating pattern. The offset shapes make it easier for children work on their gross motor skills and balance. The rectangular portions of the tri-shapes create secure places for children to put their hands and feet. One of the hardest things for children, when they are learning to climb, is being able to stop and rest. This piece of equipment offers places to rest throughout the entirety of the structure. The piece has many places for children to adjust their grip as they climb up. Being a climbing structure, it requires a use zone of 14’3” x 14’6”.

Additional information

Age Group:

5 to 12 years

Use Zone:

14' 3" x 14' 6"

Product Highlights:

Vertical climbing structure Staggered three sided shapes Strong central support Narrow shape allows easy fit into most play areas