Three Hoop Puppy Jump



Triple the fun at your dog park with the Three Hoop Puppy Jump from MyTCoat. The series of ascending rings provides a slowly growing challenge for newbies and old-hands alike. The solid steel structure is coated MyTCoat’s Industry Standard coating to protect against the click-clack of little claws and the elements of its outdoor home. The Three Hoop Puppy Jump is cleverly modeled into a dog from the three levels of increasingly difficult hoops. To take it to the next level, it even has perky ears and an almost wagging tail to show its own excitement at the dogs that will come play with it. And it will be sure to stay for a long time as it is designed with an in-ground mount to keep it in place. Sometimes, one set of hoops isn’t enough or your community needs a smaller set of hoops to which we offer the Two Hoop Puppy Jump.

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