Stepping Stool

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Designed for children ages 2-12, Being a “bump on a log” has its advantages! Our adorable butterfly-shaped stepping stools are multi-functional and so much fun. PreToddlers and Infants can practice pulling themselves up to gain pre-walking skills, while toddlers will be able to sit and enjoy storytime or take in their natural surroundings. Plus, our stepping stools double as small tables, perfect for enjoying a snack or putting together a puzzle. Constructed of 100% Recycled Structural Plastic, and featuring stainless steel hardware, these stepping stools are appropriately sized for your age group. The tops come in a variety of cute, nature-focused shapes like “Octagon, Butterfly, Mushroom, or Log,” and include textured grooves and khaki posts to match any playground. These stepping stools are suitable for kids from six months to five years.

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2 – 12 years

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Octagon, Butterfly, Mushroom, Log