Standard Metal Square Patio Table

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The Standard Metal Square Patio Table is the perfect centerpiece for any outdoor seating arrangement. It is equally at home as a family dining table, or a poolside place to rest drinks between a pair of reclined tanning chairs. It even has the framework to allow a large outdoor umbrella to be set up in its center, making it a great spot for shade as well. The table has eight legs instead of four, making it extremely stable and well balanced, even with an umbrella. Both the Cafe-Style Umbrella and the Promenade-Style Umbrella. The table does not have fixed seats attached to it, which means that you can use any chairs you want with it. The Standard Metal Stacking Chair matches the table to complete a full look. Your outdoor venue can be further individualized by mixing in some of our Standard Metal Round Patio Tables.

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Industry Standard, Advantage