Standard Metal Round Patio Table

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The Standard Metal Round Patio table is a perfect way to enjoy an endless variety of fun activities outdoors. This table has a portable base that allows it to be moved freely, greatly expanding the number of uses that you will find for it, and giving you more flexibility. The eight-legged design makes the table extra stable so that it won’t wobble and is very difficult to knock over. The table top’s metal lattice and thermoplastic coating keep it dry no matter what, which makes it great even after rain or beside a pool. The table has a hole in the middle which allows a large umbrella to be placed through it, such as the Promenade-Style Umbrella or the Cafe-Style Umbrella. For seats, the Standard Metal Stacking Chair matches the expanded metal on the tabletop for a crisp, unified design. To add a bit of variety, the Standard Metal Square Patio Table matches the styling on the Standard Metal Round Patio Table.

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