Standard Metal Rooted Round Table


The Standard Metal Rooted Round Table is a perfect outdoor center for eating, socializing, and much more. This sturdy table is firmly rooted to the ground by its strong central column. This large 4-inch square steel column holds up the table as well as up to four seats. Each seat is supported by a 3-inch thick steel arm. ADA accessible models of this table, with three or two attached benches to make the remaining sides wheelchair friendly, are also available. Each of the bench seats is wide enough to comfortably fit multiple people at once. The entirety of the table is constructed from steel tubes or expanded steel for its strength. To protect the steel, the frame is then powder coat painted and the seats and tabletop are dipped in your choice of Industry Standard or Advantage thermoplastic coating.

Additional information


Industry Standard, Advantage

Number of Seats

4, 3, 2


In-ground, Surface