Standard Metal Rooted Round Table With Smooth Top



One of the most vexing features of the average picnic table is the lack of a smooth surface to write on. With the Standard Metal Rooted Round Table With Smooth Top from MyTCoat that problem is solved. The spun metal tabletop is perfectly balanced on all sides and has a safely curled edge. The seats still hold the quintessential expanded steel for a comfortable seat that will last. The tabletop and seats are both covered in a thermoplastic coating that is either the Industry Standard or Advantage formulas. The coating seals the surface making it resistant to corrosion. The one-legged frame is coated in a powder coat paint for its similar sealing qualities. The table is designed to seat eight adults comfortably at a time. The 3-inch steel support that protrudes from the central post creates a sort of barrier creating a clear distinction between people’s seats.

Additional information


Industry Standard, Advantage

Number of Seats

4, 3, 2


In-ground, Surface