Standard Metal Rooted Picnic Table


The Standard Metal Rooted Picnic Table is a perfect for any outdoor location that seeks durable dining furniture that can handle the test of time and anything that nature throws at it. This table has a unified and contained design, with the structure of the table and benches being connected to one central column. This thick square column provides a highly stable foundation, and ‘roots’ the table to the ground. To do so we offer in-ground mounting, which plants the column deep into the ground where it is held in place with cement, and surface mounting, which fastens the column to the ground with four sturdy bolts. These versatile mounting options allow the Standard Metal Rooted Picnic Table to be installed anywhere with ease. Ask one of our talented sales specialists which mounting option would work best for the area and surface that you have in mind.

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Industry Standard, Advantage


In-ground, Surface