Standard Metal Rooted Octagon Table


The Standard Metal Rooted Octagon Table has incorporated a number of desirable features into it. The rooted, or pedestal, design immediately optimizes the amount of area present under the table itself. In addition to that, it forms clear distinctions between the seats to make the individual seats clear. The table is designed to sit two people to a seat comfortably making it suitable for at least eight adults. Cut-off corners on the tabletop allow for easier passage in and out of the benches. The benches are suspended above the ground allowing for ample space to place feet, bags, or whatever else might be with your patrons. To make sure you have a table for years to come, the frame is coated in powder coat paint while the seats and top come in your choice of Industry Standard or Advantage thermoplastic coating. Under the finish, is the core which is made from steel for a high level of durability.

Additional information


Industry Standard, Advantage

Number of Seats

4, 3, 2


In-ground, Surface