Standard Metal Portable Round Table


For a table that is perfect for any activities anywhere, the Standard Metal Portable Round Table can’t be beat. Because this table has a round top everyone faces each other, which makes this table perfect for social activities. And with the cleverly designed curved seats, everyone has the same amount of access to the center of the table, making it perfect for card games and other group activities. The portable base requires no additional installation costs, and allows the table to be moved around with ease. The lightweight steel surfaces of the table and seats are made from durable steel in a diamond-shaped lattice that reduces weight and materials without sacrificing durability. For additional strength, the frame is powder coat painted to keep out the elements and corrosion at bay, while the seats and table top are thermoplastic coated in Industry Standard or Advantage for protection as well.

Additional information


Industry Standard, Advantage

Number of Seats

4, 3, 2