Standard Metal Pipe Bench With Back

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While it’s a great idea to fill your outdoor space with comfortable and durable seating, guests will appreciate the extra appeal of benches with fun and creative designs, which is exactly where the Standard Metal Pipe Bench With Back excels. This bench has a bright and playful design that everyone, especially youngsters, will enjoy. The defining feature of this bench is its unique framework, which is made up of wildly curving metal pipes. These pipes loop up from the ground to form the rounded legs and armrests of the bench. They also hold up the seat of the bench, which includes a comfortable seat back to lean on. The seat and back are made from durable steel with an attractive diamond-shaped pattern. The edges of the seat and back even curve into a rounded shape, eliminating and exposed sharp edges from the entire design.

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Industry Standard, Advantage


4 feet, 6 feet


In-ground, Surface