Standard Metal Multi-Rooted Picnic Table



The Standard Metal Multi-Rooted Picnic Table is a robust outdoor table with separate benches. Its unique structure has two vertical columns supporting each of the two benches as well as the table. This makes each of them independently strong, and level. It also means that there isn’t too much framework getting in the way of guests’ leg room. There is nothing at all blocking the sides of the benches, making it easy to slide in and out of the seats. The six total legs can be installed with in-ground or surface mounting, making them appropriate for nearly any terrain. We offer six and eight foot long tables and benches, and also offer the option to have some extra overhang on one or both ends of the rectangle. This creates spots where wheelchair-bound patrons can pull right up to the edge of the table.

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Industry Standard, Advantage


6 feet, 8 feet, 8 feet, ADA single overhang, 8 feet, ADA double overhang


In-ground, Surface