Standard Metal Bonded Picnic Table


For a table that ensures that everyone will have plenty of space to themselves, there are few better options than the Standard Metal Bonded Picnic Table. It’s long shape means that everyone will have room on the table for their entire meal, as well as sides, larger bowls in the middle, and whatever else you might want. Additionally, the table has four separate bench seats, which ensures that people do not have to sit uncomfortably close to each other. The seats on the opposite side of the table are relatively closer, making it a good table for pairs of people playing games against each other or eating together. The impressive size of the Standard Metal Bonded Picnic Table requires some extra support, which is exactly why this table is rooted to the ground in four separate places, which are individually held in place with either in-ground or surface mounting. Clean up the look of your surface mounts by adding Surface Mount Covers to your quote.

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Industry Standard, Advantage


In-ground, Surface