Standard Metal Ashtray Pylon

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The Standard Metal Ashtray Pylon is a convenient place for guests to dispose of their finished cigarettes. This benefits smokers and non-smokers alike, as it helps to reduce the smell of smoke and cut down on discarded cigarette butts. It has a tall and decorative metal pylon that holds it above the ground and keeps it stable. This pylon is made of sturdy metal with a colorful protective coating, that is arranged into a lightweight diamond-shaped lattice. The deep basin of the ash tray ensures that it has a high capacity and can hold plenty of waste before needing to be emptied. Oftentimes, a stand-alone ashtray can be uninviting and cause smokers to seek out more comfortable areas to smoke. Choose from other standard metal products, such as the Standard Metal Keystone Bench or the Standard Metal Curled Bench Without Back to create an obvious smokers area to keep the smoke away from other patrons.

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