Stall Bar Fence

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Designed for children ages 5-12, The Stall Bar Fence is an excellent structure for allowing kids to have fun while improving their physical fitness. It features 9 vertical bars that children can climb up and over. The tallest bar bends backwards slightly, and has a considerable amount of extra height. This ingenious design lets kids hang from the top bar or do pull ups without hitting the other bars. It also gives them a perfect place to hold onto when they stand on top of the second highest bar. The Stall Bar Fence even has a lower area for kids who want to practice more before climbing higher. It is only six feet tall at its highest point, making it safe for school aged children when installed on safety surfacing. The 12 gauge steel bars which make up its frame can optionally be treated with a powder coat of paint in a range of exciting colors, or left with the unpainted galvanized finish.

Additional information

Age Range

5 – 12 years

Child Capacity


Safety Zone

13' x 18'

Fall Height



Galvanized (unpainted), Painted