SRP Parallel Bars


The SRP Parallel Bars are an essential addition to any playground, their time tested fun activity challenge children, and helps to increase athleticism. Parallel Bars are not only used on playgrounds, they are also used in gymnastics. This challenging piece of play equipment can be used to climb, swing, hang from, and twist, and is intended for use for kids 5 years old and up. Out of all the playground equipment, this is between the most challenging to master and the most beneficial to their upper body strength, endurance, and timing skills. The parallel bars are steel pipes that are first galvanized and them painted with powder-coat paint; this process reduces fading and chipping and increases the strength of the metal exponentially. Improved balance is another benefit a child can achieve while playing on this fun playground equipment.

Additional information

Age Range

5 – 12 years

Safety Zone

14' x 22'

Fall Height




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