Small Rubber Boulder

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Young children often are left out when it comes to playground equipment. They want to join in, but some climbing equipment, stairs and slides are too tall. The Small Rubber Boulder by Pierceton is the perfect size for little ones. It invites them to climb and be adventurous, which strengthens muscles, improves balance and self-esteem and develops coordination and motor skills. These pieces are easy to install and maintain, and since they are made from recycled rubber, you can feel good about buying them. It is rare to find playground equipment that is environmentally friendly, but more and more parents and guardians look favorably upon these thoughtful pieces. This makes the Small Rubber Boulder also perfect for daycares and waiting rooms as well. They are available in four colors and priced reasonably enough to pick up a few.

Additional information

Age Group:

2 to 12 years


1' long x 2' wide x 1' high

Use Zone:

13' x 14'


Black, Blue, Gray, Green