Slatted Steel MOD Bench with Back

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The Slatted Steel MOD Bench with Back is a cleverly designed bench that uses flowing shapes and connected pieces to form an elegant and sturdy bench. Its seat and back are made from a connected series of thin steel straps which form an interesting and visually appealing pattern. These pieces are shaped to provide an ideal amount of comfort so that guests can enjoy sitting on it for long periods of time without discomfort. Its arms and back support the seat and hold it in place, while fortifying it so that it can support large amounts of weight or physical force. Meanwhile, the metal’s protective coating (which is available in three different varieties) guards it against rust and corrosion from weather and humidity. The bench is even available in a spectrum of colors, as well as four and six-foot lengths, so that it can fit right at home in any setting where it is installed.

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