Single Sit Up Bench


Designed for Adult, Do you need to get an ab workout in but have no one around to hold your feet? AAA State of Play’s sit-up equipment can be the perfect solution. Look no further than this single sit-up bench if you need a heavy-duty piece of quality sit-up exercise equipment for your fitness park, gym, or backyard.

These sit-up benches include a bar to put your feet under, so you will be held in place while you do sit-ups. Sit-ups help strengthen your core muscles and tone your abs, and strengthening these muscles can relieve lower back pain and improve overall athletic ability. Performing a sit-up using proper technique prevents injury and makes the most out of the workout. Our sit-up bench has components that will allow people to exercise with proper form. Sit-ups that aren’t executed with proper technique can result in back and neck strain. To perform a sit-up that won’t stress the neck and that will give an optimal abdominal workout, you will need to bend the knees, tighten the core, and lift from the abdominals. Start slowly and increase your number of reps and the speed of the exercise as your strength increases.

This sit-up equipment can be useful in gym class as a teaching tool, or it can function independently as a great addition to a playground designed to encourage physical fitness. This single sit-up bench is made from commercial-grade materials, making it perfect for outdoor use, as it is durable and can withstand both normal wear and tear and harsh weather conditions. This sit-up exercise equipment is intended for use by individuals who are 13 years of age and up. Install one or a group of them in a public park to aid adults who are concerned about improving their fitness regimen, or place them in a playground or outdoor space used by older children.

AAA State of Play provides the best quality sit-up benches along with a large selection of other fitness-oriented playground equipment. You can count on all of our products to be made from strong materials that are built to last and provide play or fitness experience for years to come. Take advantage of our affordable prices and make an investment in good health!

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