Single Push Up Bar


Designed for Adult, The Single Push Up Bar is a simple yet effective piece of outdoor exercise equipment great for high schools, exercise trails, or any outdoor space. It especially goes well alongside our other models of exercise gear for a complete workout. It assists in doing push ups by raising the front part of their body off the ground so that their arms don’t have to do a strenuous amount of work. It also prevents the user from having to touch the ground, which is nice for doing push ups outdoors. The caps and push up bar have a smooth silver finish, and the two vertical posts are available in a variety of color options. We also offer the option of in-ground or surface mounting, which means that it can be installed anywhere with no problems. It is made from strong, galvanized steel, thus limiting the risk of the bar warping or bending. The intended ages for our exercise equipment is thirteen through any adult years, including seniors.

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