Silver Star


The Silver Star play structure is part of the get physical play series, designed to get children physically active through play. The structure finds its epicenter in a tower of rings, which will test children’s strength and agility. From the tower of rings children can go across 3-wheel overhead spinners, a curved overhead swinging ring ladder, or a titled lilly pad bridge to test their upper body strength and balance. The titled lilly pad bridge leads to an overhead spinner, net bridge, and a boulder climber that continue to test children’s balance and strength. The 3-wheel overhead spinners will lead children to a floating tunnel which is designed to improve balance, and the curved overhead swinging ring ladder leads to a net climber, standing orbital spinner, and rocker bar overhead climber as well as a curved panel climber and curved net bridge. These features of the Silver Star play structure will keep children active and fit as well as improve their abilities. This structure is designed for children 5-12 years of age.

Additional information

Model Number


Age Range

5-12 years

Child Capacity


Fall Height


Post Diameter


Product Type

Get Physical

Safety Zone

45' 2" x 59' 5"