Sequoia Crest


Sequoia Crest offers a perfect balance of elements to provide a range of fun activities and a complete workout. For a test of balance, kids can attempt to cross the stepping stones of Pebble Path. But watch out—the last three are Spring Steps with a little extra bounce. For a tougher challenge, kids can try to navigate the slanted steps of the Tilted Lily Pad Bridge. Both stepping stone paths lead to two sections of Craggy Climber, which can be scaled from either side for a traditional rock climbing experience. There is also a Curved Overhead Swinging Rung Ladder for a fun yet difficult test of upper body endurance, a Saddle Slide for a simple yet unusual way to slide, and a Standing Orbital Spinner for kids who just want to rapidly spin around in place. Despite its variety of elements Sequoia Crest is fairly compact, making it easy for kids to move from one activity to the next, allowing most of the elements to fit beneath the large overhead umbrella, and mitigating the space needed to be set aside for a safe use zone.