Sentry Flag Pole

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Our Sentry Flag pole utilizes the Internal halyard system. The internal halyard differs because the rope is inside the pole. The flagpoles are equipped with the internally mounted “cam-action” cleat system inside a heavily reinforced access door frame assembly.  Having the rope on the inside of the flagpole helps to prevent theft of the flags, cutting of the rope and gives the pole a cleaner look.  The Sentry series is great for any commercial application.

* One halyard
* Revolving single sheave truck assembly
* Gold anodized aluminum ball top
* Chrome snaps
* Counterweight
* Retainer ring necessary to fly one flag
* Aluminum flash collar

While displaying your flag, our 20′ high flagpole supports a max flag size of 4 X 6 feet. our 25′ high and 30′ high flagpoles support a max flag size of 6 x 10 feet.

Additional information


120 lbs

Of Sections

1 (for 20 and 25 foot poles), 2 (for 30 foot poles)

Wall Thickness

0.125 inches

Butt Diameter

5 Inches

Ball Diameter

5 inches

Height Above Ground

20 feet, 25 feet, 30 feet