Senior Hump Camel Climber



This climber has an artistic look; it is sure to improve the aesthetic appeal of any park or playground. Designed for older kids, the Senior Hump Camel Climber reaches seven feet at the height of the camel hump. A series of loop rungs are attached to parallel support poles to create the camel hump shape of this playground climber. This climber is best suited for parks and playground where kids from 5-12 play, for example elementary and middle school, neighborhood parks, and recreation centers. This climber keeps kids entertained while also giving them a complete full-body workout. Climbing around on this play equipment utilizes every muscle in the body including major muscles like abdominals, back, arm, and leg muscles. The Senior Hump Camel Climber must be in-ground mounted and fortified with concrete footers to comply with playground safety regulations.

Additional information

Age Group:

5 to 12 years


2' long x 5' wide 7' high

Use Zone:

14' x 17'