Children will have such a bewitching time on the Salem play structure it will be accused of possessing magic. This spellbinding play structure is made up of three elevated platforms. Stairs lead up to the middle 36” elevated platform, and to the left and right of this elevated platform sets of stairs ascend to the other elevated platforms that both stand at 60”. One of the 60” elevated platforms is accessible by a sea creature climber and has a right turn slide attached to it, the other 60” elevated platform is accessible by a snake climber and has a right turn slide attached to it. Bongos, a ship’s wheel, and a store panel, found on the ground level make the Salem play structure ADA compliant. For all the trials you go through with your children, getting the Salem play structure is a choice that will surely make you go down in history. This play structure is designed for children 2-12 years of age.