Rubberific Tree Ring

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The Rubberific Tree Ring is available in 24 or 36-inch diameter versions. Only taking a few minutes to install, the rubber tree ring provides years of maintenance-free landscaping while conserving moisture as the rubber will not absorb water. These rings have a variety of benefits for the consumer and tree. No more weeding every year and the solid surface assists with reducing compaction around the tree. Use in conjunction with a weed fabric to get the most ideal results.

Installing is a breeze. Depending on the tree diameter you may need to cut a center hole 1-inch diameter larger than the tree trunk. Place and measure the grass around the tree and remove all grass under the tree ring. This helps prevent lawn mover damage and tripping hazards. Carefully remove 1/2-inch of soil so the ring is flush with grass surrounding the ring. Depending on soil conditions a weed mat anchor pin may be required to fasten the seam.

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24-inch Diameter, 36-inch Diameter


Earthtone, Red, Black