Royal Triple Station Sky Walker


The Royal Triple Station Sky Walker works to tone and define your thighs, shoulders, and calves with a unique design. Users simply step on the foot pads with each of their feet, and grip the horizontal bar in front of them to maintain their balance. By gliding their feet back and forth, they can take wide sweeping steps without ever needing to stop or change direction. Put this in as part of your outdoor park and the adults will be able to enjoy their time at the playground just as much as children will. The Royal Triple Station Sky Walker is designed so up to three people can work out at once, which will make it easier for those wanting to get fit to find motivation. Since the Royal Triple Station Sky Walker is meant to be used outdoors it is made with galvanized steel so it will withstand the test of time, weather, and corrosion.

Additional information

Age Range

13 years +

Muscle Group


Product Type

Royal Triple



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