Royal Triple Station Lat Pull Down


Build up your back muscles while building up stronger community ties with the Royal Triple Station Lat Pull Down. To start strengthening those latissimus dorsi muscles, all you have to do is take a seat and pull down on the overhead bar. The fitness station and your own body weight do the rest. If the process seems a little intimidating, an instruction panel explains and demonstrates the safest and most effect workout methods for the station. That way, everyone from fitness gurus to teenage exercise newcomers can immediately understand how to use the Royal Triple Station Lat Pull Down properly. Thanks to the three seats at this station, you can work out while also making connections with others at your school or in your community at the same time. Encourage one another as you struggle to complete that last pulldown, enjoy the outdoor weather, and make some new friends all at once. Every experience with the Royal Triple Royal Lat Pull Down leads to great physical benefits for high schoolers or park-goers, and thanks to its durable design, these outdoor benefits can be enjoyed throughout the year.

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Age Range

13 years +

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Royal Triple



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