Royal Hamstring Stretch


Designed for Adult, Hamstrings are the things most commonly and easily torn from working out too much. An easy way to prevent hamstring injuries is to stretch out the hamstrings before and after a workout, but many people overlook stretching it out. That it why the Royal Double Station Hamstring Stretch is such a winning feature to add to your outdoor fitness area. Having this as a part of your outdoor fitness area will encourage your patrons to actually stretch out their hamstrings, preventing injuries, and ensuring that they spend more time working out on your other equipment. The frame is made out of a galvanized steel tube and come with stainless steel hardware. It is manufactured to have no sharp edges. The Royal Double Station Hamstring Stretch is made out of commercial grade material, and it has a tough powder coated finish to ensure maximum durability. This finish will ensure that it lasts for many years of outdoor use!

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7' 9"



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