Royal Double Station Tai Chi Hand Swing


The Royal Double Station Tai Chi Hand Swing offers an inviting introduction to an ancient Chinese method of meditation and fitness. Unlike more complex fitness stations, anyone can use and benefit from this one, regardless of prior experience. Rather than an intense workout, the Royal Double Station Tai Chi Hand Swing provides a gentle exercise experience that focuses on breathing and arm movement. The exercise focuses involves the movement of large disks using the palms of the hand. These flowing movements relax and loosen muscles, which make it a great warm-up activity before doing more strenuous exercise. This model comes with two sets of disks, so two people can exercise at the same time while facing each other. That way, they can mirror each other’s movements, or one person can guide the other. If additional guidance is needed, this station comes with detailed images and instructions that describe the proper way to use it.

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Age Range

13 years +

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Royal Double



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