Royal Back Massage


Help prepare your back muscles for a workout, or recover your muscles from a workout with the Royal Double Station Back Massage. You will also help build the flexibility in your back with this piece of fitness equipment. This is part of the royal fitness series, meaning that instructions for its use come attached to the equipment. By incorporating this piece of fitness equipment as a part of your outdoor fitness area, you are encouraging your patrons to use it to relax their muscles, therefore getting the most out of their workout. This also prevents the number of injuries that can occur by working out on tight muscles. This piece of fitness equipment is designed to be used by up to two people at a time. The frame of this piece of fitness equipment is made from a galvanized steel tube, and it comes with stainless steel hardware. It is manufactured not to have sharp edges. The Royal Double Station Back massage has a tough powder coated finish that gives it maximum durability, allowing it to last for many years of outdoor use. It is designed to be used by people 13 years of age and older.

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7' 9"



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