Road Crew Set



The Road Crew Set is an all-encompassing industrial collection for outdoor creative play. With all the attractions of a roadside construction site, toddlers and small children can finally be part of the action. Save yourself the time of finding, purchasing, and integrating each component of this themed playset because all the great pieces are included in this bundle! The Lil’ Dumpy Slide, the Infinity Tool Truck, the Steam Roller, the Passenger Car, and the Water Car are all included for one low price! Get this one-of-a-kind set installed and your kids’ imaginations will take it from there!

Additional information

Age Group:

2 to 5 years

Unit Size:

Lil\\' Dumpy Slide: 9\\' 6" x 2\\' 3" x 4\\' 9" Infinity Tool Truck: 4\\' x 2\\' 4" x 3\\' 9" Steam Roller: 6\\' 4" x 2\\' 4" x 4\\' 1" Passenger Car: 5\\' x 2\\' 1" x 2\\' 5" Water Car: 2\\' 5" x 2\\' 2" x 2\\' 5"

Use Zone:

Dependent on layout. Please speak with a sales associate for planning

Product Highlights

Five different pieces of equipment Creates a full road crew for children Combines slides and tubes Extremely interactive environment

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